Creating a modern adaptive sites

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Creating a modern adaptive sites

What is adaptive web design? Adaptive websites appears correctly in different browsers and any devices: PC, laptop, tablet, smartphone. For sure you've seen the sites sticked to the left side of the screen with empty space to the right. Or those not fitting into the device width. You've got it - these websites were made long time ago with obsolete techniques when even mobiles were new. What's unique about adaptive websites? Adaptive websites change appearance based on the browser environment they are being viewed on. There are four main screen sizes: wide, standard, narrow and very narrow. These definitions are very conditional. Of course we know that new devices with different width will come up with the time so I don't stick to the known standards but "make" the sites respond to any width and size. Who needs adaptive sites? It's a perfect solution to webmasters or webowners who are in step with the time and understand that their customers will have more and more devices to explore the sites being short of time, in traffic jams - searching for info, service or goods. Adaptive websites will respond to any size and any customer!

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«Corporate identity elements» include logos, corporate letterhead, business cards, labels, booklets, leaflets, calendars.

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Logo newspaper Azov Statements
Poster recording studio
Pocket calendar travel company
Round pocket calendar belonging folk group

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Stock Photography

Here are some of my work. All photos can be purchased in high resolution. Select a photo and you will be redirected to my portfolio in one of the photo-banks.

a young mother holding a baby girl in her hands
Beautiful young woman with big eyelashes
Drummer in the recording studio
Young girl in checkered coat
Girl with two apples
Raw meatballs on a cutting table
Happy girl in yellow
Beautiful young girl
Little girl in the village